Zhejiang Province, urban and rural style rectification and future community construction work will be held in Hangzhou Tonglu

Zhejiang Province, urban and rural style rectification and future community construction work will be held in Hangzhou Tonglu

  On July 29, Zhejiang City and Rural Cities and Rural Remediations and Future Community Construction Workplace will be held in Tonglu in Hangzhou.

The leaders of the provinces (cities, districts) have made such a feeling of Tonglu in the field: Tonglu adheres to the landscape ecology, the city is beautiful, the country is beautiful, and the Tongli is going to enter the Fuchun Mountain.

  For a long time, Tonglu is positioned around "China’s most beautiful county" city, stick to the mountainous water ecology, adheres to quality, and firm people-oriented, pursue the whole country, and integrates the beautiful urban and rural iteration upgrade, exquisite and fine and beautifully painted the new era of Fuchun Mountain.

"I would rather spend money to protect Qingshan, I will never sell people in money; I would rather the demolition of the green land, never destroy the green construction of the building" – Tonglu is in this kind of idea to build hidden in Fuchun Mountain, the city scene The overall big American city is a model, and the first batch of rural revitalization development planning programs will be carried out to depict the beautiful urban and rural paintings in the whole domain. In the creation of poetic aesthetics, Tonglu adheres to "not based on size, and high quality theory", with the concept of the scenic spot, and constructs the town village with attractions.

In the county town, they fully respect the historical accumulation of ancient city, retain urban texture, inheriting characteristic culture, and comprehensively highlighting the modern temperament of the new city, integrating infinite vitality; in town, all domains create beautiful towns models, innovate implementing beautiful cell construction projects.

  Tonglu promotes the demonstration to carry out the "10 million project", improve the rural environment, to the rural appearance, and the edition of the beautiful economy, and then to create a higher level of people who satisfy people, constantly Accelerate the construction of rural iterations, digital villages, legal rural, art rural, entrepreneurial countryside, civilized rural "five villages" construction continue to deepen, the first batch of 18 integrated demonstration villages continue to create high-quality special scenes, new era rural life model The vision of the ground is positive to be real.

  To operate the United States in the common prospects – Tonglu vigorously develop the beautiful economy, accelerate the "1 + 3" special industry system dominated by express delivery logistics landmark industry and great school, big health, and great tourism, and firmly put the masses " Senior "as an important criterion for the effectiveness of beautiful construction, and worship the beautiful and happy road. "Continuous promotion of the beautiful construction system of Tonglu, iterative jump, leading the future, struggling to build a lot of strength to build Tonglu in the new era.

"The main person in charge of the Tonglu County Party Committee said, the next step, Tonglu will be closely rounded around the" New Era "," New Times Fuchunshan Zhazu County model template area ", and the creation of urban future communities and rural new communities The carrier, in-depth promotion of urban and rural style rectification and future community construction work, and iterates "China’s most beautiful county" with future field of view.

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