Ziyun: Strengthening national unity and promoting common prosperity

Ziyun: Strengthening national unity and promoting common prosperity

Ziyun Autonomous County is the only Miao Biyi Autonomous County in the country. The County National Religious Affairs Bureau always adheres to the fundamental direction of cultivating the Chinese national community as the fundamental direction, with the total goal of "the Chinese nation, concerted Chinese dreams", and fully implement The basic principles of the party’s national work, sing the national unity and progressive main melody, and carry out the education of party history, actively participate in the revitalization of rural resolution, consolidate the foundation of national unity and progress, and promote the common prosperity of all ethnic groups. Always put the General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the important task of the national work as the important task of party history, incorporating the main learning content of the party group and all cadres employees.

Organize the training of minority cadres, the UNESCO Department of Organization, the county party school and the county women’s party jointly organize minority cadres training courses, and organize minority cadres to participate in the study and training 50.

Organize activities with the theme of "strengthening non-legacy protection protection, promoting excellent traditional culture", representing Yaru Wang Wenhua, promoting all national compliments in the county to cultivate the Chinese national community awareness.

Using the propaganda column, publicity showboard, literary activities, entrance visits, etc., carry out more than 20 "One Law and Second Provisions", the Party’s 19th Sixth Plenary Session of the Party.

Make full use of new technologies, new media to create a physical promotion carrier, and carry out more than 10 national unity and progress promotion activities, 27 national unity and progress promotion cards in the county city, three large billboards. Actively participate in the consolidation of the effectiveness of the poverty and the effectiveness of rural revitalization. Strengthen the village-level communication road, the construction of industrial road, investment funds of 1.69 million yuan, built a total of 4 kilometers of the total length of the county, 543 homes in the county, and solve the difficulty of travel, and difficult transportation.

Effectively promote the development of national specialty industries, 17 national trading enterprises identified by the people (Yulu King Company), the Provincial Association of the Provincial Association.

Up to now, the civil training and civilian companies that have difficulty funds have coordinated more than 20 million yuan.

Comprehensively grasping the initial audit work of Yaru Wangcheng Construction Project, the current audit work has ended, one of which completed the output value billion yuan, the second section was completed, and the output value of 100 million yuan was completed. Review, closing plan, document processing in an orderly propulsion. In the Easy Poverty Alleviation Relocation Point, the East Community Organization has organized the creation of the "three supporting three driving" topics, through supporting infrastructure, supporting public services, supporting community governance, consolidating national unity and progress.

Through party construction, employment, and cultural driving promotion to promote the integration of people into urban life, transforming ideological concepts, and creation of easy poverty alleviation relocation points. Through the Yaru King Research Center, national cultural field reception stations, brokers, cultural translations, video editing rooms, academic exchanges rooms, etc. , Spiritual home with the same construction, social harmony and solid national unity and progress demonstration counties.

Excavating the national cultural connotation, inheriting the cultural and cultural cultures of ethnic minorities, and create a national characteristic village demonstration point.

Through the field inspection, visit, etc., a total of 10 national cultures have a strong cultural and large potential, and focus on the construction project of Hongyan Buyi traditional village, Hongyan Buyi, the Red Hospital, the dam, and investing funds 2.4 million yuan. Promoting in an orderly manner. (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.