Shantou: The Museum of the Asian Qianhui lights

Shantou: The Museum of the Asian Qianhui lights

  The construction of Shantou Yatong venues has new progress.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the China Eighth Bureau Southern Company that with the light debugging of the Shantou Yatan’s home museum, the new city under the Dongshi Coast under the night ushered in a magnificent landmark building. The design of the flying waves, with the running-flare roof light, the entire gymnasium is like a bright pearl on the coastline, igniting Shantou "Asian Qing Dream". The home hall of Shantou Yama, which is built by Southern China Co., Ltd., including a three-seat stadium, a 8,000 seat gymnasium and training hall, and other supporting facilities, is the largest stadium in Shantou.

The museum will host the opening ceremony of Shantou Yanyue and undertake two major competitions and training tasks of track and field, gymnastics, and will serve as Sports facilities in Shantou University.

  It is understood that according to the principle of "thrifting", the Museum of Yamai will combine the post-operational demand, as well as the use of venues in different occasions, different time periods, and is divided into basic lights and opening and closing lights.

Among them, the basic lighting includes a weekday pattern and festival, time-saving mode, closing and late night for energy saving mode. (The whole media reporter Chen Jiayuan correspondent Yan Bin).