The black wood ear has made a "new coal mine" in Lu Liangshan.

The black wood ear has made a "new coal mine" in Lu Liangshan.

"Black fungus is in the past, it is quick, I can receive 4, 5 in one year; there is no ‘soil and water refiners’, ‘seamless docking’ adapt to the mountain climate in the temperature difference between Middle Yang County; the market is good, one pound is about 30 yuan, one 1000 pounds can be produced in acres.

Li Haiyong, the head of the Mingyang County Black Fung Industry Office, introduced that Zhongyang County is located in the middle of Lu Liangshan, which is a warm temperate sub-arid area mainland season. The temperature difference between day and night is large, forming a unique small climate, so it is suitable for high quality black fungus.

After the industry has, how to maintain industry advantages, ensure that farmers continue to increase, is a long and difficult for persistence.

To this end, the county is supporting, pocket, and insurance is embroidered. "Pre-guidance is very important, planning, subsidy, technical guidance, putting farmers ‘in Horse’.

Wu Yan, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhongyang County Committee, and the Ministry of Greeting, and the establishment of special prize funds in Zhongyang, implement the existing black fungus construction, the bacteria subsidy policy, and promote a batch of "earth experts", encourage farmers in Expanding the scale of black fungus industries and strains development.

It is understood that by 2019, Zhongyang County has planted 2.82 million, harvesting dry fungus, achieving nearly 10 million yuan of output value, driving 308 households, 868 devotees, per capita income of 2,000 yuan, economic benefits, society Benefits initial results.

The Ren Baiza, a member of Renjiwan Village, Yuxi, Zhongyang County, and Zhang Mimeilian, therefore "ended" with the fungus. Ren Baipi’s acre embarrassment is next to the provincial highway. It was originally intended to use this place to open a restaurant. I heard that there is a support policy in the county, I will try a test.

Unexpectedly, the effect was significant.

"A total of 4,000 pounds have been received in three acres last year. More than 10,000 yuan have sold 10 million yuan." Ren Baoping introduced that 3,000 yuan per acre, each bacteria subsidy "only needs five cents", The subsidies have been investive by about 30,000. "The remaining is full of profits, more money to make money!" In Ren Baipingjia, the reporter saw a row of wood, and the newly tied pumped Tightening "Ears", the dropper equipment is in order to cool down, "the technicians in the township ride a motorcycle every day, tell us how to water, will pick more, recently rain, to prevent rains, Water disease ” green spots’. When you look at the sky, you will have to prepare the plastic cloth cover.

"Ren Baiping said.

In the agricultural industrial park in Zhongyang County, Yuxi, Xinxin Planting Professional Cooperative, is busy, and the villagers pick the second black fungus. Compared to the "Sanda Team" of Ren Baiping, the planting and land plant is different, the greenhouse fungus is like a string "pearl", from the roof, and 7 kinds of roof rods are hanging on each line.

"A shed energy is 2000 pounds, higher yield, cleaner, better pick.

We have a total of 30 smart sheds, after acceptance, each shed subsidy 20,000 yuan! "Ren Jian new introduction, there are more than 60 people working here.

On the basis of the production model of "cooperative carrying, farmers dispersion" production model, Zhongyang County is aiming at the upper reaches of the black fungus industry, and produces production in the way "factory production + farmers dispersion in the ear management". The local use of ecological poverty alleviation results, relying on the national reserve forest project, cultivates the construction of 20,000 mu of edible fungus industrial root forest, and realizes the black wood ear bacteria self-produced self-supplied, and the "internal circulation" of the fungus industry chain is achieved. It is understood that the scale of black fungus in Central County is expected to reach nearly 16 million bats this year.

How to expand the production scale, how to continue to improve the upgrade of the supply side of the black fungus industry? The county has introduced a series of policies, gradually adjusting the proportion of spring and autumn wood, accelerates training of autumn and euro planting technology, organizes the "Central County Black Fungi Planting Technical Guide", research and development of wood rice powder and other profound products, " Zhongyang Shanbao "Regional Public Brand" Zhongyang Black Fung "Geographic Logo, etc. , Cultivate black fungus selling "big anchor" "net red", using "quick hands" "hanging" live video platform live broadcast belt, driving the Chinese county black fungus products into thousands of households.

At the same time, use waste bacteria to develop dualospore mushrooms and cockroaches, further improve the black fungus industry chain, realize secondary use, promote "turning waste into treasure", strive for comprehensive utilization rate of bacteria, and the concentrated stack rate of waste bacteria is 100 %, Promoting the sustainable development of the black fungus industry.

Che Mingguo Township is the epitome of Zhongyang develops the fungus industry.

This year, Zhongyang County "Multi-Point Blossom", with the car Mingyu as "leading", planting 8.3 million battles, the rest of the six townships have planted, and it is estimated that by 2021, the scale of black fungus in Zhongyang County will reach 50 million bar. Zhao Wei, the Standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal Party Committee and the Secretary of the Zhongyang County Party, introduced the poverty alleviation. Zhao Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal Party Committee, and the Secretary of the Zhongyang County Party, said: "Zhongyang will continue to improve the subsidy policy, and tilted from the production and development of scientific research, standardization technology, brand market information construction.

Further improve the scientific and technological investment, production system, and circular agriculture of the euro industry, carrying the small wood ear into a large industry, and hand over the Chinese Yang Aquarium for the village. (Ho Zizhong) (Editor: Zhang Tingting, Chang Huizhong).