Xiao Ma Zhikong automatically drives trucks into the Jingtai Expressway! Beijing stage to open these sections

Xiao Ma Zhikong automatically drives trucks into the Jingtai Expressway! Beijing stage to open these sections

The reporter was informed yesterday that Xiao Ma Zhikong automatic driving trucks recently entered the Beijing Taili Expressway and opened a normal automatic driving test.

According to reports, this is the first high-level automatic driving real-world test in the publicly open high-speed road of policy open.

At 9 o’clock, a white little Ma Zhikk sailed out from the garage, passed through the toll station, driving the normal driving of the community’s normal driving.

High-speed road test video shows that on the driving position of Xiao Ma Zhika, the security officers pay attention to the road conditions, but the hands are not placed on the steering wheel.

Under normal circumstances, automatic driving road test safety officers will not interfere with vehicles, and will only take over the vehicle in an emergency to ensure safety.

The picture source video screenshots are informed that the small Ma Zhima, which completed the high-speed normalized road test, is based on the automatic driving truck developed by the FAW J7 vehicle platform. It is mainly used in the field of logistics, and can implement L4-level automatic on the busy high-speed and fast road. drive.

Based on autonomous research and development of virtual driver core technology, the automatic driving truck system adopts a multi-sensor fusion scheme containing multiple laser radar, camera, millimeter wave radar, can achieve 360 ??degree perceived, cm position, in which long-distance camera coverage is 1000 meters. It is possible to fully detect the high-speed front road conditions, and the back to the camera can help the vehicle more securely changed in high-speed scenes. At the same time, through the optimal path and intelligent combination throttle, brakes and other control schemes, the automatic driving truck can achieve safety, steady driving, and improve vehicle operation efficiency.

The person in charge of Xiao Ma Zhihang, revealed that the size of the smart truck team will reach hundreds next year. In July this year, Xiaoma Zhika and other enterprises received the first automatic driving truck road test license issued by Beijing Intelligent Network Auto Policy, and highway test licenses.

According to the provisions, Beijing Section of Jingtai Expressway, Beijing Section, Beijing Section, Beijing Section, Daxing Airport Expressway, Nanfu Road (New Airport Expressway to Beijing Tianjin Expressway), Nanxun Road (New Airport) High-speed ports to Beijing-Tianjin high-speed mouthpieces) and 6 high-speed high-speed and urban express roads at high speed and urban express sections in the high-speed and urban express sections of Daxing Airport.

In recent years, the automatic driving container van has been put into use in large ports such as Hong Kong, Shanghai Yangshi, Hebei Province. At the beginning of last year, Tucson has conducted a queue collar test based on C-V2X car road synergistic technology in the first high-speed fully closed environment in Beijing, in the future. In the test, the vehicle headed vehicles requiring drivers to manually control the steering wheel, and then the driver truck is completed into a column. (Original title: Automatic driving truck to enter the Jingtai Expressway, high-level automatic driving into high-speed real-world testing phase) Source: Beijing Daily | Reporter Yang Tianyue Sun Quru Process Editor: TF065.