Zhejiang Yiwu construction cross-border e-commerce strong "gravitational field"

Zhejiang Yiwu construction cross-border e-commerce strong "gravitational field"

  "In the past, Shenzhen’s cross-border e-commerce sellers can always get information faster, and quickly perceive market changes, but now there is almost no difference." Zhang Xin is a cross-border e-commerce seller in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, has deep tillage in this line. More than 10 years. Her growth history and Yiwu cross-border e-commerce industry temporarily echoed from small to large development.

  In recent years, with massive supply advantages, Tongjiang Dahai logistics resources and comprehensive improvement business environment, Yiwu cross-border e-commerce market has stabilized and rising. Since the epidemic of the new crown Attract more international cross-border e-commerce platforms into the station. Help depth integration into the global market "Double 11" This e-commerce promotion is not completely domestic e-commerce event, and its influence has already rushed out of the national door, and the global market has aroused laminated waves. Zhang Xin mainly at AliExpress and other cross-border e-commerce platforms to operate jewelry accessories, textiles, seamless underwear and other export products, these two days are seizing "Double 11" order delivery.

When the replicate "Double 11", she felt that the order data is particularly bright.

  According to the statistics of Speed, this year "Double 11", the seller who participated in the promotion increased by 30% from last year, and sales also increased significantly. "During ‘Double 11’, we took a few hundred thousand in the store in AliExpress, and the daily bill was 8 ~ 10 times the usual." Zhang Xin said. With the advancement of "all the way" initiative, emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa is becoming an important expansion direction of cross-border export sellers.

Zhang Xin began to enter the Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce platform several years ago, witness the strong outbreak of the Southeast Asian market.

This time, "Double 11", she spends more about the channels in Southeast Asia, and the daily quantity is more than 15 times the usual. The growth of a single cross-border e-commerce is both the result of their long-standing effort, and is also inseparable from the local industrial base, policy dividends, system innovation. In 2018, Yiwu as the only county-level city, the third batch of cross-border e-commerce integrated test areas.

Since the approval area of ??cross-border e-commerce, Yiwu has been striving to promote cross-border e-commerce development since the approved, mainly, the main introduction, superposition, channel expansion, environmental creation.

  Through vigorous cultivation of new formats, smooth trade pathways, Yiwu cross-border e-commerce agglomeration effects gradually appeared, and the transaction achieved a new breakthrough.

According to statistics from the Market Development Committee of Yidu, as of October this year, Yiwu cross-border e-commerce third-party platform account exceeded 150,000. From January to October this year, cross-border e-commerce transaction volumes reached 100 million yuan, a year-on-year increase.

Among them, cross-border e-commerce retail transactions is worth 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth rate. The cross-border e-commerce platform has successively settled with the continuous development of cross-border e-commerce industries, and Yiwu has become an important support for many platforms. Such as AliExpress, Yiwu is one of the two core production areas of the platform, and the number of merchants is numerous. The large size of the large user has spawned a series of superposed service needs such as logistics, customer service, and warehousing, and the service value rapidly increased.

This "cake" attracted a major platform. In June last year, Shopee, one of the Southeast Asia Pilot E-commerce Platform, in Yiwu, and breaks the premieration of Yiwu as a European and American e-commerce platform. In May of this year, the Global AliExpress set up a Yiwu Service Center, and the rookie East China is also synchronized in Yiwu.

  The Yiwu Service Center of Koaha Hai purchase, Gray, Shopee, etc. According to the relevant person in charge of the Market Development Committee of the Municipal Market, next, the Amazon Service Center will also settle in Yiwu. In addition, Lazada, which is one of the more influential cross-border e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, is the establishment of service centers in Yiwu, which is better to establish a service center in Yiwu. The big cross-border e-commerce platforms see the unique goods, logistics, policies, etc. of China’s cross-border e-commerce highlands, large-scale enrolling Yiwu, covering Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Japan and South Korea and other markets, effectively satisfying each The diversified service needs of hierarchical enterprises.

All platforms are working with the Yiwu government to jointly build a good industrial ecology of cross-border e-commerce trade, and create more ecological dividends for cross-border e-commerce.

  "Platform Service Center allows us to communicate more smoothly and platform, information acquisition, to match our best logistics warehousing traffic, help us further increase the results.

Multi-platform settlement, also allows us to support multi-point, multi-industry, and achieve diverse development. Zhang Xin said. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.