Yan Xijun talks about "Healthy China in my eyes"

Yan Xijun talks about "Healthy China in my eyes"

Yan Xijun, member of the Communist Party of China, Dr. Administration, Chief Pharmacist, Special Allowance Expert of the State Council. At the party secretary of the Tianshi Holding Group Co., Ltd., Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Ren Eleventh, the 12th National People’s Congress representative.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Yan Xijun actively involved in the innovation and development of Chinese medicine during the Work of the 254th Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, and has developed modern Chinese medicine products such as Chinese medicine.

In 1994, Tianjin Tianqi Joint Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. founded. In 1998, the State Council and the Central Military Commission on the military committee were no longer engaged in major decisions in the business activities, led the comrades of collective transfer, and found the Tianshi Group. In 2002, Tianshi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has successfully listed, and the company has embarked on the capital expressway.

Under the leadership of Yan Xijun, the Tianshi Holding Group woven a high-tech industrialization in an ancient traditional industry. He always adheres to independent innovation as an enterprise’s lifeline, promoting Chinese medicine technology innovation, build a complete modern Chinese medicine industry chain and advanced technology manufacturing platform, and fully promotes the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, and realizes the leap-forward development of Tianshi.

The Tianshi Holdings Group has now developed into the field of modern Chinese medicine, chemical, biological medicine, characteristic medical care, health products, health food, cosmetics, safety drinking water, biological Pu’er tea, integrating scientific research, manufacturing, logistics. Industrial clusters. "Tianshi" was identified as a well-known trademark in China. Yan Xijun led the staff of Tianshi Holdings Group, starting from 12 million yuan, 2015 Tianti Holdings Group assets reached 41.3 billion yuan, with sales of 28.2 billion yuan, accumulated taxated tax by 20. billion yuan.

Making the Tianshi Holdings a series of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, the internationalization of the internationalization, the comprehensive strength ranking in the forefront of the industry.